Robinhood RPG3CL75WH

Robinhood RPG3CL75WH
NZ$ 399.00
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A premium 90cm power pack rangehood with DC motor. It features stylish black glass panel and gesture control for easier operation.

  • DC motor
  • Gesture and touch control
  • Dishwasher safe aluminium filter
  • LED lighting

DC motor

A DC motor has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving, good control characteristics, high reliability, long life, low noise, etc.

Gesture and touch control

With gesture and touch control, the rangehood is easier to operate and more hygeian.

Dishwasher safe aluminium filter

Dishwasher safe aluminium filter enables good filteration of grease, dirt, and other contaminants out of the air generated from your cooking tasks

LED lighting

LED lights offer powerful lighting with minimum energy consumption.

B Grade

12 Month Warranty

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