Mitsubishi MJE16VX

Mitsubishi MJE16VX
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16 Litres Per Day Capacity

Easy Dehumidifying

Our Oasis Classic Series is able to constantly monitor room temperature, selecting the optimal humidity level and adjusting operation to match, saving you both time and money.

High Humidity Indicator

Dust mites are a common trigger of asthma and allergies. They thrive in high humidity conditions. The Oasis Classic Series will alert you when the humidity reaches 75% – even when it is not in operation! This enables you to lower the humidity and prevent dust mites from breeding.

Mildew Guard

While in this mode, the dehumidifier automatically lowers humidity levels to a low 40 to 50% once a day for between two to four hours depending on the size of the room. At these low humidity levels, mildew growth is suppressed as new spores are unable to be produced.

Washable Air Purifying Filter

A two-layer photocatalytic filter helps remove pollen and dust particles and absorb odours for cleaner, healthier air. This filter is easily washed and should only need replacing once every two years!

Laundry Mode

As an alternative to harsh and inefficient tumble dryers, the Oasis Classic Series can be used to quickly and efficiently dry your clothing without compromising delicate fabrics. Dry your clothes and the room simultaneously!

Super Quiet Operation

Using technology created by the makers of the whisper quiet Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps, the Oasis Classic Series are incredibly quiet dehumidifiers. The Oasis 16L Dehumidifier starts from a low 37dBA, ensuring your home stays dry and quiet.

C Grade

12 Month Warranty

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