Mitsubishi Electric MJ-E16VX-A1
NZ$ 499.00
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The Oasis Classic Series of dehumidifiers are amongst the most powerful available. Our range can remove up to 16L of moisture from your home per day (measured at 30°C with 80% relative humidity). And with the ability to perform down to 1°C, you can be assured it will perform year-round. Permanent drainage is also available for long term application.

They are able to constantly monitor room temperature, selecting the optimal humidity level and adjusting operation to match, saving you both time and money.

Are designed to combat mildew, mould and dampness in walls, furnishings and carpets – removing allergens from the air as it is passed through our antibacterial filters. Helping you to create and drier, healthier home.

Super Quiet Operation

Using technology created by the makers of the whisper quiet Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps, the Oasis Classic Series are incredibly quiet dehumidifiers. The Oasis 16L Dehumidifier starts from a low 37dBA, ensuring your home stays dry and quiet.

Slim and Light

Stylish, slimline casing and carefully placed air inlets allow the Oasis Classic Series to be positioned along walls, next to windows, or in other tight spaces. From just 11.7kg, the Oasis Classic Series is among the lightest available.
12 Month Warranty